2018 Drivers In New Places

Has your favorite driver landed in a different spot for 2018? The Monster Energy Cup will be full of excitement with popular faces in new places. Is loyalty to a driver more powerful than the team in fan based motorsports? Only time will tell as Nascar heats up for the Daytona 500.
More About The Daytona 500

Pocono Radio Heats Up

Pocono 2017 gave racing fans all they wanted with the Overton’s 400. The tricky triangle of Pennsylvania hosted some wrecks to remember. Nobody could predict a winner of this 400 mile challenge up in the mountains. The radio chatter of Nascar gave fans a deeper look inside the sport. The end of this one brought some fond reactions and the winner his first Monster Energy Cup victory of the year.

Richard Childress

Richard Childress has been one of the most popular drivers in motorsports. He is known as a former NASCAR driver, as well as the current owner of Richard Childress Racing. The story of how he began as a NASCAR driver is quite impressive. When a drivers’ strike started, NASCAR’s president was left without any drivers. So, Richard Childress began his driving career. In 1981 Childress decided to retire, and with the help of some good recommendation, he started the RCR team. Currently owned and operated by Richard Childress, the RCR team competes in the Monster Energy Cup Series, as well as the Xfinity Series. It is considered to be a respected, professional car racing team. It is located in Welcome, North Carolina, in a 17 building and on a 52-acre campus.

530 RCR team members build their race cars from scratch in this manufacture with the latest technology. Innovation and effectiveness are the main goals of Richard Childress Racing team. The continuous effort to improve their results has ended to a well-known racing team of all NASCAR cup series. At the moment, RCR fields 3 different drivers. With the number 3 comes Austin Dillon, with the number 27 Paul Menard and with the number 31 Ryan Newman. In 2013, Jeff Burton was replaced in RCR, and his Chevrolet moved to the experienced hands of Ryan Newman. A legit car enthusiast Newman owns 14 cars and is considered to be a very professional and persistent driver.

RCR has accumulated 17 championships and 200 victories to all NASCAR’s three series. Two Daytona 500 wins and three Brickyard 400 victories are included in these victories. RCR is the first organization in NASCAR history that won in all three national series, different championships. The RCR number 31 car boasts an impressive racing history. Richard Childress’s first car with number 31 has made a lot of rounds from 1988 up to present. 2015 was one of the most controversial racing years for RCR which included penalties and a deduction in points. In 2017 Ryan Newman stayed with RCR via a multiyear contract and won at Phoenix. This was the first win since 2013, and it is a promising beginning for a prosperous racing series between Ryan Newman and the RCR team.


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Roush Fenway Could Improve

Roush Fenway Racing is one of the most popular and coveted racing teams that you can find in the NASCAR Sprint Cup series. They are also a part of the Xfinity series as well as any other occasional event. There were times in which they were actually a part of the Camping World Truck Series and even the ARCA Racing Series. However, nowadays they focus on the Sprint Cup series and they try to recapture the essence and value they offered a few years ago.
Who is racing for them now?
At this particular time, Roush Fenway Racing is represented in the Sprint Cup series by Trevor Bayne, Greg Biffle and Ricky Stenhouse Jr. All of them are coveted drivers with lots of experience but their results have been dwimbling as of late. The past few seasons were pretty good for Roush Fenway Racing but they didn’t manage to be as big of a winner as they were before, which is why 2016 might be the year for redemption.
Up until this point during the year, it’s safe to say that people are getting more and more happier about the experience they received up until this point. The team wasn’t having their best season but it seems that’s about to change.
Some of the great thing here comes from the fact that they managed to score some big wins early in the season and they manage to solidify their experience year after week. The team is also getting a lot better when compared to the last year. Greg Biffle is the catalyst of the group and he does manage to deliver some great results to say the least. He is consistent and these past few months he really managed to turn the team around.
Of course, no predictions can really state how well will they do at this particular point in the season but the results can be very good to be honest. It all comes down to the focus of the team, the changes they can made and how well will their tech team manage to improve their cars and maintain them ready for prime time.
Qualifying isn’t really their forte this year, but for some reason Roush Fenway Racing continues to have a very strong presence and they might have some great chances. Will Roush Fenway Racing be able to win this year and are they closer and closer to the Sprint cup? It may very well be, but it all comes down to the way they approach the rest of the season. Hopefully they will be focused on the goals ahead.
The 2003-04 season was very good for Roush Fenway Racing and they do want to get back to back titles like they did before. Sure, the situation has changed a little bit but Roush Fenway Racing does indeed have all the aces in their hands, they just have to use them properly. They do have a good chance of winning this year, providing that they maintain a consistent set of winning streaks!

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For some reason Nascar attendance is off to a slower start this year.
It remains a mystery to most true racing fans of how this could be happening. Marketing plays a role in any money making venue. On that note, Hendrick Motorsports is still in a contract with DC Comics. The current plan is to have DC Comics themed paint jobs on cars driven by Earnhardt Jr. and Johnson. Batman and Superman will become works of art on number 48 and 88. On the other hand, Nascar will not be appearing at a theater near you anytime soon. Are the trending ticket holders of Super Speedways moving towards comic book squares?

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Johnson Ties Earnhardt

Jimmie Johnson continues to move up in victories. On February 28  Atlanta became the place where Johnson tied the legend Dale Earnhardt Sr. in wins. Does this make Jimmie Johnson a Nascar living legend? With super speedway setups mastered by crew chief Chad Knaus of Hendrick Motorsports going one up on Earnhardt seems inevitable. 2016 has many more races to follow. Is Jimmie Johnson ready to move towards number one in all time victories? Get the LOWE down by watching Nascar racing and experiencing the excitement each race day.

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Will Chase Elliott Win The 2016 Daytona 500?

Becoming the Daytona 500 pole position winner has its advantage. However the spotlight has not resulted in victory since the year 2000. Chase Elliott is in the best spot to bring home the 2016 Daytona 500 trophy. This Great American Race always creates legends in the racing world. Chase Elliott is the youngest driver in Nascar history to win a pole at Daytona. Will Chase Elliott end the drought of pole winners not finishing first at Daytona and step into glory?

Carl Edwards Moving On Up

Carl Edwards is one of the most proficient NASCAR racers right now, mainly thanks to some much needed improvements to his no 19 Toyota Camry that has managed to bring in an immense set of results. There are a few years since Carl managed to win a championship, and we do want to see him backflipping off of his car in order to see him celebrate.

There were quite a lot of rumors this year that Carl was going to join Joe Gibbs Racing and these were actually confirmed late last month. He was scheduled to drive the no 19 Toyota and at the same time he has Arris Group as the main sponsor for his 17 races, including the All Star Race scheduled for May. On top of that, he will have some other sponsors in the form of Stanley Sports, Comcast, Sport Clips and Subway.
The beginning of this season wasn’t the best for Carl, because he started with a low note as he wrecked right near the end of the Daytona 500 race. He actually lost the draft in the late Atlanta race. It did seem that this particular season might not be his best, but great results can also come. He showed that there’s still a lot of potential to be had from his side all thanks to the rebound at the Las Vegas race which was really nice. He did collide with Kasey Kahne when he had less than 20 laps to go, while he was firmly in the first position, but the entire great thing here is that the championship is indeed going strong right now and he does have a great chance at winning.

The Charlotte race was quite a roller coaster for him, because even if he took an early lead in the race, he did face a few interesting challenges from the other racers. This was an intense race but as always, Carl has managed to showcase his true potential by holding off the former team mate Greg Biffle to win again.

Even earlier this month, Carl actually won the Bojangles Southern 500 at Darlington. This was a very good race for him and one in which he showed his commitment to win, because even he was 2 laps down earlier, he came back and managed to lead then win the race without a problem. It’s this type of commitment and dedication that makes Edwards such a great contender to the NASCAR championship.

Does he have a chance to win? Sure he does, but considering his experience and the great ability to overcome all odds and come back to win, then Carl can definitely be seen as a main contender here. Only time will tell if he can actually pull it off, but one thing is certain, the potential is there and he definitely has the upper hand in doing so! We look forward to see Carl rise up, once again, in order to become a NASCAR champion!

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Is Kyle Busch On Track?

NASCAR is one of the most impressive motorsports out there, but despite the fun, danger is indeed real, and that’s exactly what Kyle Busch had to deal with in the past few months.

It all started back on February 21st when Kyle Busch had to reach the sidelines because of an injury that took place during a race at the Daytona International Speedway. The injury was preceded by a series of crashes due to a car malfunction for one of the drivers. Unfortunately, Kyle Busch had the most bad luck out of them all, since he was sent directly into the concrete wall.

When the safety crew got to him, he was talking and conscious, but only after he got to the hospital we were able to find out that he had a right lower leg as well as a left-mid foot fracture. This was a serious injury that could have hampered his ability to drive again, but thankfully that wasn’t a problem as Kyle Busch underwent surgery the next day, with complete success. Sure, he wasn’t able to compete in the biggest event of the season, but the first step towards recovery was indeed there.

Kyle Busch’s crash and injuries had a great impact on the upcoming races, because this is what instituted the usage of impact diffusing barriers, in order to improve safety and prevent such issues from happening again.

After the February 22 surgery, Kyle Busch also had to undergo a second one to his left, and this one also went with complete success. This allowed Kyle to recover a lot faster and because of that he was released from the Halifax Medical center to his home town of Charlotte so he could recover a lot faster and at his own pace.

He had to wear casts up until March 10, and this is when these were removed in order for him to move up to the next step of the process which involved walking boots. These are one of the best recovery methods for people that have foot injuries, and it indeed worked amazingly well for him, since they sped up his recovery quite a lot.

The whole month of April was the month of recovery for Kyle, as he tried harder and harder to become ready for racing once again. Doctors were pleased with his progress but were still unable to give a certain date in regards to his comeback.

It wasn’t until May 16th that Kyle Busch actually came back to the NASCAR races and during that race he managed to obtain the 6th place, an amazing feat considering his state and the fact that on the past 2-3 months he actually had to undergo foot surgery not once but twice.

Right now Kyle Busch is back in action and he actually managed to win the Michigan Xfinity Series race, showing that with enough commitment, truthful medical aid and attention, nothing is impossible. He is now alive and well, ready to take on new challenges and win more races!

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Racing With Brad Keselowski

brad-10-bWhen it comes to making some harsh waves on and off the racetrack, one thing is for certain, Brad Keselowski doesn’t mind being in the middle of it. In fact, he almost always seems to be in the middle of it lately. The 2014 season had recurring instances of his aggressive racing style involving both Matt Kenseth and Jeff Gordon, one could only expect things to simmer down for Keselowski. However, this is not the case.
To recap last seasons incident with Kenseth, Keselowski rammed into his car while it was on pit road and proceeded to speed through the garage area chasing Hamlin. This ended with a brawl outside of Keselowski’s trailer where Kenseth jumped him. Because of the episode, Keselowski ended up having to pay a fine of $50,000. But did that stop him from continuing his aggressive racing style? Absolutely not.
Only a mere three weeks later the Gordon incident occurred where Keselowski rammed into his car during the Texas race. After the race ended, Gordon confronted him on pit road and started up a heated argument. After a few minutes of testy discussion, a brawl broke out between not only the two of them but their teammates and crewmen from other teams as well. Not only did Keselowski feel no remorse about what he did both on and off the track, but he also said he will continue in his aggressive style if that’s what it takes to win races.
Keselowski recognizes that this consistent aggression may indeed cause him to lose some fans in the process but also states that if that is the price he has to pay in order to win he will gladly take it.
It’s also no secret that because of this style of racing, he has without a doubt become one of the more well known racers in this day and with not as much time in gaining that fame as other widely recognized racers. In a recent interview, Keselowski mentioned that if he didn’t race the way he did, he probably wouldn’t make SportsCenter as much as he does now and owes all of that to his aggressive style of racing.
One piece of sure advice for his fans; they may want to reconsider holding their breath waiting for Keselowski to back down at any point in the near future. Him and his aggressive style of racing are undoubtedly here to stay.