Is Kyle Busch On Track?

NASCAR is one of the most impressive motorsports out there, but despite the fun, danger is indeed real, and that’s exactly what Kyle Busch had to deal with in the past few months.

It all started back on February 21st when Kyle Busch had to reach the sidelines because of an injury that took place during a race at the Daytona International Speedway. The injury was preceded by a series of crashes due to a car malfunction for one of the drivers. Unfortunately, Kyle Busch had the most bad luck out of them all, since he was sent directly into the concrete wall.

When the safety crew got to him, he was talking and conscious, but only after he got to the hospital we were able to find out that he had a right lower leg as well as a left-mid foot fracture. This was a serious injury that could have hampered his ability to drive again, but thankfully that wasn’t a problem as Kyle Busch underwent surgery the next day, with complete success. Sure, he wasn’t able to compete in the biggest event of the season, but the first step towards recovery was indeed there.

Kyle Busch’s crash and injuries had a great impact on the upcoming races, because this is what instituted the usage of impact diffusing barriers, in order to improve safety and prevent such issues from happening again.

After the February 22 surgery, Kyle Busch also had to undergo a second one to his left, and this one also went with complete success. This allowed Kyle to recover a lot faster and because of that he was released from the Halifax Medical center to his home town of Charlotte so he could recover a lot faster and at his own pace.

He had to wear casts up until March 10, and this is when these were removed in order for him to move up to the next step of the process which involved walking boots. These are one of the best recovery methods for people that have foot injuries, and it indeed worked amazingly well for him, since they sped up his recovery quite a lot.

The whole month of April was the month of recovery for Kyle, as he tried harder and harder to become ready for racing once again. Doctors were pleased with his progress but were still unable to give a certain date in regards to his comeback.

It wasn’t until May 16th that Kyle Busch actually came back to the NASCAR races and during that race he managed to obtain the 6th place, an amazing feat considering his state and the fact that on the past 2-3 months he actually had to undergo foot surgery not once but twice.

Right now Kyle Busch is back in action and he actually managed to win the Michigan Xfinity Series race, showing that with enough commitment, truthful medical aid and attention, nothing is impossible. He is now alive and well, ready to take on new challenges and win more races!

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