Racing With Brad Keselowski

brad-10-bWhen it comes to making some harsh waves on and off the racetrack, one thing is for certain, Brad Keselowski doesn’t mind being in the middle of it. In fact, he almost always seems to be in the middle of it lately. The 2014 season had recurring instances of his aggressive racing style involving both Matt Kenseth and Jeff Gordon, one could only expect things to simmer down for Keselowski. However, this is not the case.
To recap last seasons incident with Kenseth, Keselowski rammed into his car while it was on pit road and proceeded to speed through the garage area chasing Hamlin. This ended with a brawl outside of Keselowski’s trailer where Kenseth jumped him. Because of the episode, Keselowski ended up having to pay a fine of $50,000. But did that stop him from continuing his aggressive racing style? Absolutely not.
Only a mere three weeks later the Gordon incident occurred where Keselowski rammed into his car during the Texas race. After the race ended, Gordon confronted him on pit road and started up a heated argument. After a few minutes of testy discussion, a brawl broke out between not only the two of them but their teammates and crewmen from other teams as well. Not only did Keselowski feel no remorse about what he did both on and off the track, but he also said he will continue in his aggressive style if that’s what it takes to win races.
Keselowski recognizes that this consistent aggression may indeed cause him to lose some fans in the process but also states that if that is the price he has to pay in order to win he will gladly take it.
It’s also no secret that because of this style of racing, he has without a doubt become one of the more well known racers in this day and with not as much time in gaining that fame as other widely recognized racers. In a recent interview, Keselowski mentioned that if he didn’t race the way he did, he probably wouldn’t make SportsCenter as much as he does now and owes all of that to his aggressive style of racing.
One piece of sure advice for his fans; they may want to reconsider holding their breath waiting for Keselowski to back down at any point in the near future. Him and his aggressive style of racing are undoubtedly here to stay.

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